Why Should You Hire Dream Vision Real Estate?


As the founder and CEO of Dream Vision Real Estate, I am passionate about helping clients achieve their dreams and building a trustworthy relationships.

2018 marks my 12th year in real estate and as a broker with John L. Scott, one of the nation’s leading companies. I have helped over 300 clients in the Seattle area close in excess of $200 million in deals. Our extensive knowledge of the region is second to none—let us put that expertise to work for you.

One of the things Boney will tell you when he introduces himself is “I will be here to help you through every step” which was literally true in our case. He was extremely patient and stood alongside us throughout the entire process (which in our case was more than a year!) and even after moving into our dream home, he still helps us out with useful tips on home maintenance. Whenever we had any questions or needed his help to get more information from the seller/selling agent, he was always welcoming and very prompt.

Boney knows the pulse of North-west housing market. He took no time to understand our tastes and we were happily surprised to see how his picks matched with all the criteria for our dream home. Boney is sincere, resourceful and very passionate about his work. He never hesitates to talk about the negative factors about the house and its neighborhood.

Thank you very much!
— Lekshmi & Pramod